After 50 years of activity in plants construction, extrusion and distribution, we have acquired a deep knowledge of the product, the market and users’ needs.

Continuous innovation

Since our very early years, we have always been able to distinguish ourselves thanks to our ability to innovate. We succeeded in transforming a simple trade into a service centre able to give our customers a product cut according to their needs.

We were the first in our industry to supply shaped plates with the Waterjet technology and also the first to install an automatic warehouse for bars storage and to supply milled aluminium plates.

Every year, we invest 20% of our turnover in plants and new technologies, as well as in our constantly trained and technically knowledgeable employees so that they are able to work with tools and vehicles at the forefront to make sure we keep our service at the highest level.

Nowadays, every single process of every single company figure is carried out with the utmost professionalism to offer customers a complete quality service.

Lean production

Lean production is a firm set of methods which, focusing on reducing lead time and time to market, is able to ensure greater productivity, flexibility and a better use of financial resources (reduction of the working capital), as well as a reduction in space and of the warehouse together with a more frequent rotation of the stocks.